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    Dmitry Grunt

    Noticed bug – when click on link to home page from admin or open site typing url in brower, it opens NOT home page (e.g. domain.com) but last category or last location, but URL looks like HOME (domain only).

    I think its very bad behavior, especialy for new users.
    This bug reproduced many times. I hope dev team will fix it.

    Home page url

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    This is not a bug but a feature.

    Script stores last viewed location in cookie and displays that location on regular home page. This is done because every person wants to see ads related to his location. So on first visit he navigates to his location and leaves the site. On next visit he will see ads for hist location without navigating to it which reduces time to access ads for his location.

    For example for classifieds website for UK. On first visit visitor will see ads for all UK then he navigates to London. On next visit site will show ads for London. Instead of typing full url to see ads for London like yoursite.com/london/ which will be difficult. Or going to homepage and then navigate to London every time he will type yoursite.com and see ads for London Without losing time. Because if person lives in London or wants to move to it then he will be interested in ads for London only.

    Category is not stored so visitor will see all categories.

    If visitor wants to see ads for all locations which means home page with ads for all locations then he can navigate to it using breadcrumb.

    We built it this way because we think it is most desired behavior. We can add an option in settings to not store location and always display homepage with all ads in future releases if you wish.


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    Dmitry Grunt

    Thank you for explanation.

    I understend what you wanted to implement, but in this realization it’s seems like a bug.
    If user wants to share link of specific region page – he copy it, but he got – HOME PAGE URL (!).

    To do what you wanted correctly, you should add 301 redirect from HOME to previous user location URL, this is only way to get correct URLs.

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    Dmitry Grunt

    Wrong home page snippet.
    Recently I found that, “feature” with incorrect redirection gives bad SEO results. Insted of Home page snippet, I have snippet from region page.

    On screen you can see – Google results. It must be fixed, if you care about SEO.


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    We couldn’t reproduce your example of url above. See our screenshot.


    Also we use canonical url tags in header so even if user visits main urlĀ and page loads for last visited location canonical url will show location url. And google stores location url stored in canonical tag instead of home page url.

    We can add a checkbox in settings to not store last visited location in cookie so home page will always load homepage for all locations.

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