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Bug found please help advice

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    Elite Tan

    Dear Support, found a bug, when register a new user, I’ve recieved activation email, but I tried not clicking on activation to test user didn’t recieve email, so I went back to login and login again using same user account and click on send activation but it said see below error account not found, resend activation

    the link is

    it should be /3/ but the 3 is missing assuming 3 is the user id
    to hear from you again on the solution, please let us know? Thanks alot……….

    I suspect is user.php line 255 code is typo please advice how to fix it?
    $validation->set_message(‘_validate_user_email’, __(‘%s is already registered but not verified yet. Please check your email address for verification. If you did not receive verification email then click here to receive new one.’, array(‘{url}’ => User::urlResendVerification($user))));

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    We added fix to our next release, which will be available shortly.

    Thank you for reporting.

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    Elite Tan

    Thanks alot Support, appreciate you tell me which code and file to modify for above fix so that I can fix it myself now as my site urgent, Thanks………

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    Edit your /sys/app/controllers/LoginController.php file line 85-87. move $message = __('Your account is ... line above to AuthUser::logout(); line. Because message uses user object which is destroyed by logout. By switching their order (moving message before logout) message will generate code before destroying user.

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    Elite Tan

    Great Thanks alot support! :):):)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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