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    I needed and advanced search option, which has the following
    fields: Search text, Max/Min price, Currency, and location.
    This search box would fit below the Search box, in the mini-
    malist theme, Is this possible? Is this easily cutomizable
    at all thanks,

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    It depends for which system you want it.

    For Classibase classifieds script you can define for every custom field to be searchable, which will be visible on search form on sidebar. you can see it in our demo here

    For Osclass custom search also exists you can view it in our demo here:

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    sofania mhlongo

    the question is to do that
    please explain where in the script to modify
    and how

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    To find out about defining custom searchable fields please read tutorial How to add custom field to classifieds website?

    There you will see Button “S” next to each custom field you add. If you select it that custom field will be added to custom search widget. It will be visible only when you are listing ads or viewing an ad in related category and location combination.

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    sofania mhlongo

    can you explain how to ad min price and max price to search

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    To display min/max price fields for search form follow above explained tutorial and activate “display in search form” option by clicking “S” button next to price custom field.

    Look at following picture for more info.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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