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Ads verification days

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    I would appreciate your assistance in the following:
    1. In Admin, I set “Ads verification days” to 7
    2. This way, I thought ads and accounts, not verified, will be deleted after 7 days.
    3. But, I’m not sure why, ads/accounts not verified are not being deleted. Can you see any reason why? What am I missing?

    Also, I ask you if is it possible, in someway, to resend verification email (for ads and accounts) every X days, until it be deleted (in this case, 7 days, set via nº 1 above)?

    Best regards.

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    We will check this issue and let you know shortly.

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    We tested and checked on live site regarding deleting not verified ads after set amount of days it works correctly, deletes not verified ads and users.

    Regarding re-sending verification email after x days we will add it to our next release. We did not add it in first place because some users enter not valid email address and their email bounces back.

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    Thank you. I’ll check my install again.
    I’ll be waiting for the update on re-sending verification email after x days – that would be great to come along with the notification for renew ads, in the next release.
    Best regards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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