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    Tom Chung

    Hello, I have 2 issues in 2 different projects, related to same problem.

    For some reason my home page lists only 5 ADs and ignores others even though “Ads listed per page” is 20.

    Overview says 11 ADs running, 2 Ads not running.

    If I click accidentally the “Search” button on top right side (theme Odnocvet) without typing any keyword, it displays all 11 Ads.

    What could be the reason? or do I do something wrong?


    2. I have another project, where all ADs gets displayed and “Ads listed per page” doesnt have any influence.

    Any help? I checked the whole forum, but didn’t see anyone writing about it. Must be not a common.
    Thanks for help.

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    Home page is different from other pages and content for home page is controlled with widgets. Navigate to “Appearance” -> “Widgets” page on admin panel. On top right corner you will see “Sidebars” and “Pages” tabs. Click on “Pages” tab and you will see widgets that are displayed on home page. On each widget there “edit” button. Click “edit” on “Ads” widget and set number of ads to 20 or any other amount.

    By default there are 2 ads widget one is latest ads other featured ads. You can remove featured ads if you don’t want to use it. Also you can add any other widgets there as well.

    Regarding search results with empty input, we thought it is better to return all results instead of empty page. You can add javascript to prompt message if it is empty. If you need assistance with javascript let us know we will post it here.

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    Tom Chung


    My main problem was:
    “Home page ads doesn’t show in pages, if total number of ads is more then number of ads on page.” I had any issue with search, and it was just additional info to my last post.

    Here is what I have.

    “Admin panel” -> ““Appearance” -> “Widgets” – “Pages” tab – Home page – “Ads” Widget
    Number of Ads: 20

    “Admin panel” -> “Settings” – > “Ads”
    Ads listed per page: 8

    By this settings, I expect the total ads will be shown on pages 3 pages, 8 ads in every page. Right?
    1st page: ads 1-8
    2nd page: 9-16
    3rd page: 17-20

    But my homepage lists all ads instead.

    Just wondering what can be wrong.

    I updated the latest script and theme.


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    Ads on home page and ads on listing page are different.

    Number of ads on home page is controlled by widget, 20 ads as you defined in widget, so it will list 20 ads.

    Number of ads on listings page are controlled by “Ads listed per page”, 8 ads per page as you defined.

    If you want home page to display 8 ads and other pages to display 8 ads then set in your widget number of ads to 8.

    Then again if you display “view more” link under ads widget on home page it will link to first page of ads in listing page. Which will list ads from 1-8.

    If you are looking for ways to paginate content of the ads widget then it is not possible. Ads widget don’t have pagination option.

    Widgets are good for displaying latest, featured, last visited ads on sidebar or homepage. Or display related listings on ad page under the ad. Widgets are not designed to list all ads and paginate them. Ads listed in separate pages, widgets are just preview ads.

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    Tom Chung

    My question is answered.

    I was looking for ways to paginate of all my ads. It seems it is not possible.


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    All ads are paginated on separate page. Link to that page can be added under the ads widget in widget settings.

    If you are using categories then ads paginated in category page as well.

    When ads are listed on separate page custom search filters can be applied as well if Search widget used on sidebar. That way you can filter say display only 2 room apartments etc.

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