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Hello …,

Thank you for replying back. I understand that another payment system is in the pipeline. I’ll be waiting for you to add it, hopefully soon.

I’m buying an yearly plan just to play around with the software to see if I can develop a plugin to change currency, can I do that? I guess I can since I will have the source code.

Also, wanted to ask you if your team can customize the item pages. I need little modification(s) on the item pages. What will be your charges?

Thanks for all of the help guys. I really wish if there was a good payment system and currency changing option, I would’ve bought the expensive license. I guess, I’ll hang on with the annual package right now. Until a new payment system and different currency is allowed, I will just promote my website and take free listings.

Once again, thanks for designing such an elegant classifieds script. My 2 weeks of searching ends here. I have been searching for a good classifieds script since last 2 weeks :)


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