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<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”<?php echo __(‘Latest ads’) ?>” href=”<?php echo Language::get_url(‘rss/’); ?>” />

is for RSS feed link it is not visible from browser.

We checked theme and found there is CSS bug making title color white. We fixed it on Base theme version 1.4.3, please update to latest version of Base theme to your site.

After update visit your home page and press CTRL+F5 to clear browser cache. now “Latest ads” title should be visible.

IF you still want to remove title then continue reading.
“Latest ads” on home page is widget. to remove title from widget go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets” -> “Pages” -> “Home page” -> “Ads” widget click on edit. on opened popup window select “Hide title” checkbox and save.

Thank you for reporting.

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