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It is a bit complicated to explain adding cookiesdirective to ClassiBase but possible.

Please follow these steps to add EU Cookies Directive to youe classifieds website:

  1. Download latest javascript files from website
  2. Extract jquery.cookiesdirective.js file from downloaded zip and upload to your classibase server into /public/js/ folder. Make sure you can view file directly with url like this http://YOURDOMAIN_HERE/public/js/jquery.cookiesdirective.js
  3. Login to your classibase admin and navigate to “Settings” -> “Header/footer” page. Paste (apppend) following javascript code to “Custom footer” field.
    			privacyPolicyUri: 'myprivacypolicy.html',			
    			backgroundColor: '#52B54A',
    			linkColor: '#ffffff'
  4. Important: Remember to use actual url of your website instead of YOURDOMAIN_HERE
  5. Important: Create privacy policy page in Classibase and use direct link to it instead of myprivacypolicy.html used in above code sample. You can create privacy policy page by navigating to “Manage” -> “Pages” from your admin panel.
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