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Yes it is float left behavior. Because transport category is longer than multimedia housing stuck under multimedia instead of going under property category. To fix you can use one of followign solutions:

  • Rearrange categories s it will float properly. In your case move transport category after multimedia.
  • Write custom CSS and use display:inline-block; float:none; instead of float:left; which will work in most modern browsers. We may imlement this approach in future.
  • Use javascript like it is used in Olxer theme. For now you can paste this custom javascript into “Settings”->”Header/footer” page on admin panel, “Custom footer” field:
    function columnizeCats(obj)
    	// init columnizer with 200 px 
    	var $obj = $(obj);
    	if ($obj.length)
    		$.ajaxSetup({cache: true});
    		// load carousel javascript
    		$.getScript(URL_PUBLIC + 'public/js/jquery.columnizer.js', function() {
    			$obj.children().css({float: 'none', width: 'auto', margin: '10px 0'}).addClass('dontsplit');
    			$obj.columnize({width: 180, lastNeverTallest: true});
    		$.ajaxSetup({cache: false});
    addLoadEvent(function(){columnizeCats('.content .widget_categories .widget_body ul:first,.content .widget_locations .widget_body ul:first');});
  • Use Olxer theme instad, which has columnizer already implemented.
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