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Thanks for your quick answers.

I have gone through the demo (user & admin), and my conclusion is that the app is perfect for me to use it as a classified or even directory site. I do appreciate if you can give some more information before I purchase regarding: (my apologize for the long list.. :)

a) Can we create additional email templates.
b) Can we import ads (full), from a CSV file.
c) Can we change Header/Background color/dimensions easily.
d) Can we put different ads depending on the category selected by the user.
f) Can we put a regional map in the homepage.
g) Is French, Dutch and Portuguese languages available. In the plan..?
h) Can breadcrumbs and menu items be added to ease navigation.
i) Can I purchase the app and install it in my local host temporarly, so then after customizing and testing, move it to a web host.
j) Can Category titles in the homepage be customized to include an icon and different colors/size/fonts.?
k) Does it require WP to run..?. If not, how the script works..?
l) Loading speed compared with a site powered by Joomla or WP..?
m) I plan to have approx. 15,000 listings.. Can it be handled by the script.
n) I expect within one year to have 2,000 users/day, and apprx. 10,000 pageviews/day.. what do you recommend regarding web hosting..?
o) Do you accept Visa or Master card for the purchase.?

Thanks and Best Regards,

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