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Tom Chung


My main problem was:
“Home page ads doesn’t show in pages, if total number of ads is more then number of ads on page.” I had any issue with search, and it was just additional info to my last post.

Here is what I have.

“Admin panel” -> ““Appearance” -> “Widgets” – “Pages” tab – Home page – “Ads” Widget
Number of Ads: 20

“Admin panel” -> “Settings” – > “Ads”
Ads listed per page: 8

By this settings, I expect the total ads will be shown on pages 3 pages, 8 ads in every page. Right?
1st page: ads 1-8
2nd page: 9-16
3rd page: 17-20

But my homepage lists all ads instead.

Just wondering what can be wrong.

I updated the latest script and theme.


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