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There is some way of doing it which requres editing setup.sql file included in Classibase zip file. Open it and remove some insert commands.

To remove all locations, categories, custom fields, ads then delete all commands starting with

INSERT INTO nz_ad_abuse
INSERT INTO nz_ad_field
INSERT INTO nz_ad_field_description
INSERT INTO nz_ad_field_value
INSERT INTO nz_ad_field_value_description
INSERT INTO nz_category
INSERT INTO nz_category_description
INSERT INTO nz_category_field_group
INSERT INTO nz_category_field_group_description
INSERT INTO nz_category_field_relation
INSERT INTO nz_location
INSERT INTO nz_location_description

if you wnat to delete widgets then delete

INSERT INTOnz_widget

as well.

Also make sure you delete not only one line because command usually contains several lines of code, until you see ending semicolon );

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