How to make ad box clickable

This is tutorial on how to make whole ad box clickable on ClassiBase. With growing trend to mobile devices usability of web sites become more important. As we all know it is good practice to have big clickable buttons and areas on web sites. Which will reduce misclicking links. For classifieds website you may want whole ad box to be clickable as displayed in following image.


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Google Adsense Ads for Classifieds site with Responsive Theme

Responsive design is website design that adapts to viewer’s device and viewable area. Mobile internet usage trend is growing fast. If you look at your website stats then you will notice grows of mobile visitors in percentage. Especially if it is classifieds site then users always search for things to buy, rent, sell. Responsive design makes it possible to deliver same content if you visit site from desktop computer or mobile phone or tablet. Every element on web page will restyled according to mobile device by hiding some unnecessary fields, resizing images and repositioning some elements. Read More

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