How to setup classifieds website without categories?

Classifieds websites can be general or focused to one niche. On general classifieds you will have many categories and locations. On medium niche classifieds website you may have some category and locations, and on small niche classifieds website you do not need to have any categories at all if your site is focused on one topic only.

As an example for small niche classifieds website can be: job board for programmers; pet classifieds like dog, cat or horse, property classifieds for some local real estate agency, car classifieds for dealer with inventory up to 100 cars. Small niche websites are good for getting highly targeted visitors and has earning potential bigger than general classifieds in term of earning per ad. For example for a niche job board you can charge 30$ per ad and having 30 ads posted per month will make 900$ income on average. However it will work only if you have focused traffic and reputable background like industry related established business.  Read More

Manage categories and locations in classifieds website

Depending on your website requirement you may need to have some categories and locations in your classifieds website. For small niche websites you can use script without any category and location. For big websites it is suggested to have appropriate categories and locations  for grouping ads and making navigation easy.

In classibase you can have unlimited number of categories and locations with unlimited levels of subcategories. In this tutorial we explain how to add, edit and delete categories in your classifieds website using classibase script. Managing locations is similar to categories so you can perform similar actions for locations as well. Read More

Classibase image settings

Product images is essential feature of classifieds website. On Classibase classifieds script you can control number of images uploaded per ad, image size and thumbnail size displayed on item page and on listings. Also you can append watermark with your domain name to images in order to drive traffic from users who found images from your website on other media like website, search engine, printed paper, desktop computer or mobile phone. Read More

Display street address on Google map

This tutorial explains how to display Google map for ads with address custom field on Classibase classifieds script. Map is useful for property, service and job listings. There are several settings to complete in order to display Google maps. These steps are already set by default for fresh Classibase installs using version 1.4 or later. If you are upgraded from older version then you may have to complete all of the following steps. Read More

How to add custom field to classifieds website?

This tutorial explains how to add custom field to Classifieds website using Classibase script. Classifieds sites can have different custom fields for different categories. For example on “Flats and houses for sale” property you should have property custom fields like number of rooms, floor, area, address, price etc. For “Cars for sale” category you should use car related custom fields like engine type, fuel type, transmission type, color, year, make, model etc.

On Classibase classifieds script you can add as many custom fields to any number of categories. Custom fields can be displayed on category listing pages and can be searched with custom search. For example if you enable search for custom field “Number of rooms” for “Flats and houses for sale” category, when visitor visits that category custom search form will have field for filtering “Number of rooms”. Read More

Reducing spam with captcha on classifieds website

Spam is very annoying on publicly available sites and classifieds website is not an exception. Spammers target classifieds websites to reach real users and offer usually not legit products, posting to several location and categories. As a classifieds website owner you do not want spam messages appear on your site and destruct real users. Sites with spam ads do not give secure or legit website impression to visitor and generally abandoned immediately. Also some web browsers like chrome and search engines will ban and de-index your website if you classifieds website will have spam ads and links to questionable websites. This will reduce traffic to your website.

On Classibase we implemented several ways to eliminate spam messages. Here are list of current measures to prevent spam on Classibase classifieds script: Read More

How to display latest ads on WordPress?

This is tutorial explaining how to display your latest ClassiBase ads on your WordPress website. Classibase is separate script, not integrated to wordpress and installed separately. However if you want to display latest ads from your classibase site on wordpress there is built in wordpress widget called RSS. RSS widget reads your classifieds site's rss feed and displays it on your wordpress blog. On Classibase latest ads can be read as rss feed by adding "rss/" to your sites URL (ex: Read More

How to place google adsense ads on Classibase Classifieds Script?

Google adsense or any other display advertising is one of ways to monetize your classifieds site. On ClassiBase every theme has different widget areas where you can place adsense ads. Best performing ad locations are horizontal link unit before content and 300x250 medium rectangle ad unit after ad listings on category and ad pages. If you are targeting mobile phone users then use only medium rectangle ad unit which will fit for all screens from desktop computers, tablets to mobile phones. If you want to have responsive ads then read Google Adsense Ads for Classifieds site with Responsive Theme article . Read More

How to make ad box clickable

This is tutorial on how to make whole ad box clickable on ClassiBase. With growing trend to mobile devices usability of web sites become more important. As we all know it is good practice to have big clickable buttons and areas on web sites. Which will reduce misclicking links. For classifieds website you may want whole ad box to be clickable as displayed in following image.


Read More

Minimalist Free Responsive Osclass Theme

Minimalist Free Responsive Osclass Theme

Demo Download

Minimalist is so clean, super flexible and has a fully responsive design! This theme sets the new standard! Minimalist is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into Minimalist making it a pleasure to use. Tired of cluttered website design? Then Minimalist will clean up unnecessary data, images and colors focusing on pure content without any distractions. Read More

Classibase version 1.3.5 released

There are many small updates to the ClassiBase script since version 1.3. Here are summary of most important ones:

  • Added custom css to all theme customization as default option – on every theme you may want to have some custom tweak to slightly modify theme layout to meet your requirement. For example change font color, header font size or margin etc. To do this we added custom Read More

Odnocvet Responsive Classibase Theme

Odnocvet Responsive Classibase Theme

Demo Download

Odnocvet is modern theme for ClassiBase with gradient background and unlimited color possibility. You can set different color for each language if your site is multilingual.

Odnocvet is built from scratch through best web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) for achieving high quality, high performance and SEO ready website. All parts are Exclusively built for each other for achieving an integrated and high performance system. Read More

Minimalist Responsive Classifieds Theme


Demo Download

Minimalist is so clean, super flexible and has a fully responsive design! This theme sets the new standard! Minimalist is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into Minimalist making it a pleasure to use. Tired of cluttered website design? Then Minimalist will clean up unnecessary data, images and colors focusing on pure content without any distractions. Read More

Classibase version 1.3 released

classibase version-1.3We were working hard after last update to add more features and make ClassiBase classifieds script cooler. In this update we also considered some suggestions from our current customers.

Here are latest updates to ClassiBase classifieds script:

  • Display ad count by category and location on widgets. When you have many ads on your site it is good to show how many ads in each category to encourage adding new listings. Read More

Google Adsense Ads for Classifieds site with Responsive Theme

Responsive design is website design that adapts to viewer’s device and viewable area. Mobile internet usage trend is growing fast. If you look at your website stats then you will notice grows of mobile visitors in percentage. Especially if it is classifieds site then users always search for things to buy, rent, sell. Responsive design makes it possible to deliver same content if you visit site from desktop computer or mobile phone or tablet. Every element on web page will restyled according to mobile device by hiding some unnecessary fields, resizing images and repositioning some elements. Read More

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