Apply custom CSS to Classibase Themes

Classibase themes are flexible and theme appearance can be changed using Admin Panel. You can change site logo, title, description, apply color presets if your theme has built in presets. If those are not enough to you and you want apply custom CSS code to your theme then we have built in feature to do it for all our themes.

How to apply custom CSS to your theme


  1. Go to Appearance -> Themes in admin panel.
  2. Click “Customize” button for theme you want to edit.
  3. On opened page go to “Custom styles” tab on left panel and write custom CSS code in opened text field. Write CSS code without <style> wrappers as shown in picture.
  4. When you click outside text field preview of theme on right will update and you will see changes.

This is useful to make small customization to your theme. Instead of editing your theme files you apply custom CSS directly from admin panel.

Advantage of using Custom Styles instead of directly editing your theme is that your changes will be applied when you update your current theme. So you do not have to manually edit your files every time when you update your theme.

Custom styles are valid for current theme only. Every theme has its own custom styles.

How to use custom CSS to hide/disable some features on classifieds website?

Using custom CSS you can hide certain features, links, buttons on your website without changing HTML code in your template files. Here are some examples of hiding some features that were asked by our customers:

  • Q: How to hide meta data containing post id, date at the bottom of ad page?
    A: use following custom CSS code to hide meta data in your theme: p.meta{display:none;}
  • Q: How to hide previous and next ad links on ad page?
    A: use following custom CSS code to hide meta data in your theme: p.item_prev_next{display:none;}
  • Q: How to hide "Report as inappropriate" button on ad page to prevent abuse reporting?
    A: use following custom CSS code to hide meta data in your theme:{display:none;}

This method, hiding content with CSS, will hide content from users. However search engines will see and possibly crawl those links if applicable.